The magical journey to the Land of Beautiful Horses

A fairytale-like setting of cave hotels, chimney-like rock formations, rainbow-hued hot air balloons, underground cities... Cappadocia, A UNESCO World Heritage site, is waiting for you to discover.

Exploring Cappadocia offers a surreal background for your events, incentives, corporate or personal travels. Cave Hotels, gastronomic experiences, unconventional event venues; Cappadocia is certainly a precious discovery for event & travel planners.

Cappadocia is one of those places, allowing you to leave our planet behind without leaving it. It’s breathtaking beauty puts it high on many travellers bucket list.

How it started?

Cappadocia is the name of the Central Anatolia region created by the erosion of the soft layers formed by the lava and ashes sprayed by the volcanic mountains and shaped by rain, wind, and ice for millions of years.

As the landscape was eroded, basalt stones remained and formed conical structures were created over time by erosion of the relatively soft volcanic ash around them.

Past cultures have dug into them to create dwellings, castles, and even entire underground cities, used as hiding places by early inhabitants.

The local people referred to these unique rock formations as "fairy chimneys", a name that has endured throughout the ages. If nature was the first artist to arrange the decor, it was Anatolian humankind who carved the rock and created Cappadocia as an open-air museum full of unparalleled natural and cultural phenomena.

Luxury and Comfort in the Cave Hotels

One of the most rewarding experiences is staying at one of Cappadocia’s world famous “cave hotels” which has been built around and carved into the area's soft rock like the subterranean chapels created centuries earlier.

Cave hotels offer a real feel of the region’s unique architecture while providing all the modern amenities, luxury, and comfort.

Dreamy Balloon Ride

Hot Air Balloon ride in Cappadocia undoubtedly is truly an exceptional and dreamy experience.

Watch the unique beauty of Cappadocia from the air with a convoy of hundreds of hot air balloons before sunrise every morning while you glide over the fairy chimneys and rock-cut houses along Cappadocia, you can enjoy the privileged views of the unique landscape of the region from air.

Spectacular Event Venues

Cappadocia has been home to innumerable cultures and civilizations, due to the ease with which the soil could be carved out. The area is crowned with magical venues that seem frozen in time.

Fairy Chimneys, underground cities, carved houses, underground vinerys and chapels will turn into spectecular venue options for your event or celebration.

The Ancient Wineries

Cappadocia region is considered the birthplace of wine and wine making and now hosting total of 30 different grape varieties, including 5 indigenous grapes. The volcanic soil rich in minerals and plenty of sunlight culminate in a highly fertile region.

The underground tunnels where wine has matured for tens of thousands of years, continues to serve its purpose and is home to the wine cellars, from which guests can savor some of the best wines from the Anatolian region.

Home of Festivals

Cappadocia celebrates its unique geography and culture with international festivals across the year. 

Cappadox a progressive multi-disciplinary cultural festival that brings art, music, gastronomy, nature, and outdoor programs together, and Balloon Fest Cappadocia, held over four days in July at Urgup, the fantastic site of hot air balloons filling the skies are the two major and unique events every year bring thousands of travelers together.

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