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E-Magazine 04 - The diamonds of the Bosphorus: Waterfront Mansions of Istanbul
Bosphorus is not only famous for connecting Europe and Asia together and magnifiecnt Marmara sea, but also the historical mansions standing by the sea in all their splendor. These mansions, which perfectly reflect different periods and architectural styles, are among the most important cultural heritages of Istanbul.
In the Ottoman period, there was a certain systematic about the colors of the mansions. Accordingly, members of the state were sitting in red-colored mansions. Light colored mansions belonged to Muslims, and gray and toned mansions belonged to non-Muslims.
Bosphorus Mansions
Of the 600 mansions representing different periods and different architectural understandings, only 150 of them have survived to this day. These mansions are among the most expensive residences in the world. Zeki Pasha Mansion, one of the most architecturally striking mansions of the Bosphorus, is among the 10 most expensive houses in the world.

Arnavutköy: The village of Angels

The village of Angels
Arnavutköy, which is a charming Istanbul town with its bay windows and cute coffee houses, still maintains its popularity today when it gained in the Eastern Roman times.

Located at the most beautiful point of the Bosphorus, Arnavutköy has a multicultural structure. Arnavutköy, where life has continued throughout history, is given different names according to the characteristics it has in every period, from 'Angels Village' to 'Hestia'.
Continuing to keep the old Istanbul spirit alive with its historical wooden mansions, Arnavutköy is one of the special places of Istanbul with the cultural values it hides.
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