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E-Magazine 03 - Slow down just a bit: You are in a peaceful place
The cittaslow movement, born in Italy in the late 90s, was inspired by the Slow Food organization that tries to combat fast food culture.

The philosophy of creating a slow city is based on the idea of improving the quality of life of the people who live there. So, Cittaslow focuses on towns that promote a sustainable lifestyle free from stress and anxiety as opposed to an urban one. It supports cultural diversity and uniqueness in towns and regions.
Seferihisar Sığacık
Cities that want to earn the Cittaslow title must act in accordance with the philosophy of the movement and get enough points from the application file they submit to the Cittaslow Foundation.

Turkey: A natural
slow city homeland

Turkey: A cittaslow homeland
Turkey, the meeting point of different civilizations and unique natural beauty, has 21 Cittaslow towns in seven regions. Towns with historical character, settlements on high altitude plateaus, stone houses on narrow streets near the seacoast - all of them await you to get away from the crowds and to relax in serenity.
Artvin Şavşat
Here is the list of 21 slow cities for you to visit in Turkey;
Seferihisar (2009), Gokceada (2011), Akyaka (2011), Tarakli (2011), Yenipazar (2011), Persembe (2012), Yalvac (2012), Vize (2012), Halfeti (2013), Savsat (2015), Uzundere (2016), Gerze (2017), Egirdir (2017), Goynuk (2017), Mudurnu (2018), Koycegiz (2019), Ahlat (2019), Gudul (2020), Arapgir (2021), Foca (2021), Kemaliye (2021).
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