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E-Magazine 08 - The Next Big Travel Form: Medical Travel
Since ancient Greek times, patients have travelled to seek treatment for their illnesses. Health travel differs from local treatment in that it involves travel to a different city or country from one’s place of residence for treatment.

In the last ten years, the number of medical travelers in the world exceeded ten million, with a turnover of over $100 billion annually.
Medical tourism at a glance

Medical tourism
at a glance

Why do people need to go abroad for medical treatment? We can quickly respond to this as an economic cost, because today we see that the main movement is from developed countries to developing countries. But it alone is not enough to explain the global trend. There are many complex parameters such as reaching to healthcare in a shorter time, quality of healthcare, taking a vacation at the same time depending on treatment, inadequacies in local services and some different cultural reasons.

Dental implants stand out as one of the most common treatments. Hair transplantation, lasik surgery, bariatric surgery and cosmetic dermatology are also very common in medical tourism.

Medical tourism has become a massive industry that many governments have invested in and promoted. India, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Spain, Poland, Hungary, and Turkey are among the most popular destinations in the industry, providing the highest international standards in healthcare.
The rising star of the industry: Turkey

The rising star
of the industry: Turkey

Turkey, attracting millions of travelers for its cultural, historic and natural beauties in every year, offers one more reason to visit the country in recent years. Besides its affordable prices, high quality service, and being one of the leading tourism destinations; with its high number of accredited hospitals in ophthalmic, plastic surgery, transplantation, dentistry and cardiology, it looks like Turkey will continue to be one of the leading players in the medical tourism in the coming decades.

Turkey boasts of more than 30 medical facilities that are accredited by the Joint Commission International. This is the largest accreditation that any country has ever achieved.

Prices of medical care in Turkey are very competitive compared to equivalent standard medical facilities around the globe. Based on “treatment.com” data comparison average medical cost in Turkey 60-65 % lower than Western Europe.
Accredited agencies

Accredited agencies
may be a good option

A trademark of g2o Turkey Travel and Events, IstanbulMedic, the accredited medical travel agency, delivers a personalized medical travel experience and unveil the right healthcare solution based on your specific needs, expectations and budget.

IstanbulMedic connects you top physicians of Turkey in the most advanced facilities, remove all the obstacles of being abroad and surrounds every medical travel journey with privacy and comfort.

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