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g2o Turkey E-Magazine 2020/07
E-Magazine 07 - Anatolia: Eat, drink and explore
Turkey & Anatolia is home to some of the earliest varieties of grapes, sharing a deep-rooted history of viticulture together with Georgia and Armenia. The very first domestication of the wild Eurasian grape Vitis vinifera in southeastern Anatolia is dated sometime between 8,500 and 5,000 BC.

However, Turkey was not a country known for producing quality wines up until the ’90, but the things changed for the better during the 2000s. Today there are 140 registered producers in Turkey and House of Burgandy, a fine-wine importer in New York City, added Turkish wine to its international portfolio in 1995 and today carries more than 60 Turkish labels.

We would like to share a “worth to explore” restaurant in west Anatolia, our favorite Anatolian indigenous grape, and world class vineyard in Aegean cost of Anatolia.
The Grape: Öküzgözü

The Grape: Öküzgözü

Öküzgözü, or “ox eye,” is a large, dark colored, luscious, and delicious grape, native to the Elazığ region. With aromas of black mulberry, dark sweet cherry, pomegranate syrup, and sometimes, notes of eucalyptus, a good glass of Öküzgözü pairs perfectly with lamb chops, aged yellow cheeses, grilled meats, Kayra Imperial (80 percent Okuzgozu) is the first Turkish wine served in a Michelin-starred restaurant, chef Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck.
The Kitchen: OD Urla

The Kitchen: OD Urla

Gather around the open wood fire and experience new tastes... OD Urla with its glass surrounded architecture and high ceiling, offering a unique gastronomic experience at an olive grove Urla Town, a green region nearby the city of Izmir. OD means ‘fire’ in old Turkish and Fire sparked the menu of restaurant OD Urla. The foods are mostly cooked with open-hearth fire.

You may join to “Chef’s Table" which led you to follow Chefs’ preparation ritual or you may choose to “Farm to Table” and explore the ultimate method design restaurant’s recipes with products from their own farm and authentic products from local producers.
The Vineyard: Porta Caeli

The Vineyard: Porta Caeli

Porta Caeli is located near Historical Gallipoli Peninsula on the Conkbayiri Formation which is composed of surface soil. The harmony of maritime climate, surrounding forests, and extraordinary regional breezes mark the historically significant Eceabat, the homeland of Porta Caeli wines, to be one of the most important regions in the world for winemaking.

Hotel Caeli, situated in Porta Caeli and surrounded with unique vineyards, offers you overnight stay and let you explore all the wine making process including manuel harvesting, punch down and double sorting.
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