Every generation has its own habits and preferences, some consolidated and winning practices could be surpassed very soon and new business models could overtake the market based, for example, on specialisation strategies.

The millennial generation has been at the forefront of the collective mind of the travel industry for years. But starting in 2020, Generation Z will begin entering adulthood and taking up larger portions of the global workforce and population. This generation is already travel-savvy and heavily involved in trip planning.

Generation Xs (34-54 yo) are the generation that shows more interest towards resorts and alternative accommodations. Their travel choices are family-oriented. Choosing the destination on social medias, they prefer watching videos posted by experts to get inspired, while they do not pay too much attention to blogs and articles.

Millennials (18-33 yo) take more trips than other generations, they are oriented towards once-in-a- lifetime experiences and off the beaten path locations. They are also interested in relaxing all day in spas and resorts.

Generation Z (18-yo) considers the number of pictures they will be able to share on social medias and the uniqueness of the experience when choosing a destination.

Generation Z travelers grew up with the internet as a normal part of their lives. With this, they have developed completely different preferences from other generations; they want internet connectivity, adventure, and Instagram-worthy locations, also social and eco-consciousness factors are important when choosing a location.

They tend to spend money on shopping (tech&fashion) rather than eating out.

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