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the land of eternal blue

Along with its deep blue bays, secluded coves and historic antiquities, Bodrum offers all the amenities of a world-class resort from designer shopping and authentic handicrafts to golf, scuba diving and open-water sailing. Throw in fine dining and world-class nightlife and Bodrum lives up to its reputation.

Bodrum is the ancient Halicarnassus, the birthplace of the famous historian Herodotus, and a place known in antiquity for being the site of one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the Mausoleum, a gigantic tomb erected for King Mausolus in the fourth century BC. Destroyed by successive earthquakes, the stones of the Mausoleum were then used by the Knights of St John to build their castle nearby.

Conde Nest Traveller named Bodrum as “The Most Glamorous Hangout in the Mediterranean and describe the town as “old and new swim together in Bodrum. As the muezzin calls at dawn, young things are swaying home, the night finally over. Out to sea, a gulet cuts across the water, its prow thrusting sharp as a sailfish. There’s a softness to the early-morning light that’s something close to nostalgia for this very moment, even as it happens. And it is easy to see how, despite all Bodrum’s newfound glossiness, you can fall in love with the simple life here. Just as long as there is good food to eat and good wine to drink, and someone has a boat.”

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