Team Building

g2o Turkey has a dedicated in-house team building team that can provide all necessary features of a "state of art team" building activity. We also provide services such as script writing, graphic design, video production, video editing & compression, software and i-pad application design along with all conventional team building activities.

Survivor Beach Game

World famous «Survivor Challenge» comes to your event. Exclusively designed game stations by g2o Turkey
creative team such as Throw the Ball, Obstacle Race, Catch & Run, Water Chest, Human Aquadeck and more.

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The Oscars

Training by g2o Turkey professionals including director, make up artist, actor, actress, costume designer,
cameraman, director of picture and more. Guests will be part of unforgettable experience of movie industry.

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Hidden Treasures of Turkey

Explore the every day culture in Istanbul&Turkey. Great samples of Turkish Cuisine, Lecture on Ottoman Spices,
setting up Water pipe, bargaining tricks of Grand Bazaar shop owners, secrets of a crazy Ottoman Sultan and more…

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Urban Culture of Pera

Explore the street & daily life in Pera District where is the prominent symbol of Istanbul’s Urban Culture.
Meet with graffitti artists, taste world famous street foods, meet with bohemian writers of Galata,
experience great samples of Turkish wine and more…

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Cultural Code of Turkey: Tea

Discover the effects of Tea on Turkish Culture guests create an documentary by using, Planned Conversations,
Street Interviews, Artistic Video Shots and Individual Thoughts.