g2o Tree Planting Campaign with TEMA Foundation

Since the establishment of Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats (TEMA) in 1992, TEMA’s mission is to raise public awareness of environmental problems, specifically soil erosion, deforestation, biodiversity loss and climate change. In this endeavor, TEMA collaborates with several organizations and institutions working in environmental protection and sustainable development. TEMA has launched numerous initiatives to influence government and business practices.

TEMA is Turkey’s fastest growing and largest NGO, already serving around 350.000 supporters, 80% under age 25, clubs in 60 universities, 550 regional managers (voluntary representatives) and over 100 scientists and legal advisors who offer their time and expertise voluntarily on a complimentary basis. 150 employees are engaged on full time. TEMA tries to reach out internationally as well.

Accordingly, in 1998 TEMA-D (Germany), in 2002 TEMA-NL (The Netherlands) and TEMA-EU (Belgium) representations were established.

g2o supports TEMA’s planting campaign by planting 5 trees for each operated group as a our contribution to the environment.

Each planted tree is certified by the TEMA foundation.