g2o Supports Female Education in Turkey

The ‘Baba Beni Okula Gönder’ (Dad, Send Me to School) project was launched in 2005 to contribute to the education of girls who will play leading roles in raising future generations in Turkey. The project aims to help females, who represent half of the population, to get involved as productive individuals in improving the welfare level in Turkey.

g2o Turkey is a monthly donor of the campaign via The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life which is a non-governmental organization aims

  • to respect universal children’s rights, women’s rights and human rights, and the realization, protection and development of the democratic, secular and social state of law in a society
  • to promote the development of individuals in the legal, political, economic, cultural, social and physical sphere, to ensure that they can benefit from all human rights and freedoms;
  • to increase community sensitivity about environmental issues and cultural heritage.